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Polyurethane will benefit from the promotion of building energy conservation policies

polyurethane is another new material in the world after the five general synthetic plastics. It is a good substitute for traditional materials and can be used in various fields of traditional materials

at present, 80% of soft polyurethane foam is consumed in furniture and 70% of hard polyurethane foam is consumed in household appliances in China. Among them, the application of hard polyurethane foam in the construction and environmental protection industry has a broad space for growth

polyurethane rigid foam insulation material is an ideal material for building energy conservation.

compared with traditional building insulation materials, polyurethane rigid foam has more advantages: it has better insulation effect under the same volume, wider application range, stronger fire resistance, less carbon emission, etc., and is an ideal material for building energy conservation industry

in foreign countries, 50% of building thermal insulation materials use polyurethane thermal insulation materials, while only 10% in China. With the promotion and implementation of the national building energy-saving policy (in a quiet environment), the sound of the operation of electromechanical servo system can be heard, and polyurethane is expected to benefit from it

the detection value of China's construction products will change with the change of production conditions. Building energy conservation goal

since the 1980s, China has been actively promoting building energy conservation and promulgated a series of regulations and standards. For example, in 2008, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress established the legal status of energy conservation for the first time. In 2011, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development also formulated some plastic deformation plans in the "12th Five Year Plan" to clarify the goal of building energy conservation: the new urban buildings should implement the building energy conservation standard of no less than 65%, 95% of the new urban buildings should meet the requirements of the mandatory building energy conservation standard, and the existing residential buildings in northern China should be transformed into 400million square meters of energy conservation. This will undoubtedly promote the development of polyurethane

investment strategy: listed companies on the polyurethane industry chain

Hongta Securities said that the polyurethane 2019 paper industry predicts that the main listed companies on the ester industry chain include: hongbaoli, Yantai Wanhua, Binhua Co., Ltd. from the perspective of PE and EPS growth, analysts mainly recommend companies with low PE and certain growth, so Yantai Wanhua is the first

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