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Pomegranate wrapping paper emits a pungent smell for fresh preservation

yesterday, the reader Mr. Chen called this newspaper, reflecting that the pomegranate wrapping paper sold in Caoyang Road fruit market may have been sprayed with the highly toxic high residue pesticide "BHC", which has long been banned in China. The two pomegranates bought there, together with their packaging paper, were sent to the analysis center of the municipal Pesticide Research Institute. This morning, the test results showed that nine commonly used pesticides such as BHC and DDVP were not detected in the samples. The relevant person of the municipal Fruit Association estimated that the peculiar smell may be emitted by the ripening agent

Mr. Chen bought a box of pomegranates in Caoyang Road fruit market yesterday. After unpacking the box, he found that the pomegranate packaging paper emitted a very pungent smell, which was very similar to the smell of the "BHC" powder he had used. For this reason, Mr. Chen was very worried and did not dare to eat, so he called our newspaper for help

then he went to Caoyang Road fruit market and saw that the pomegranates here were packed in bamboo strips. When the equipment was first put into operation, it was particularly necessary to protect the woven baskets. They were sold in baskets. Not only were each pomegranate wrapped in pink wrapping paper, but also the bamboo baskets were filled with this kind of wrapping paper. Close to the pomegranate basket, a pungent smell came to my face. Although the source of the odor is wrapping paper, pomegranate also has a different smell because of its direct contact with wrapping paper. Ask a stall owner surnamed Cao why the wrapping paper smells. He first denied that there was a peculiar smell, and then said that it was the smell of the packaging paper after it was damp. The place of shipment was packaged in this way in order to keep fresh

this morning, Mr. Chen, who solved his doubts, sighed, "I can finally eat pomegranates at ease."

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