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Polyurethane Wuguo experts called for strengthening the supervision of thermal insulation materials

"11.15 fire accident" caused huge disputes on polyurethane materials, and also cast a shadow on the development of domestic polyurethane industry

it was learned from the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation yesterday that Li Yongwu, President of the Federation, made it clear at the Symposium on fire safety of polyurethane building energy-saving materials recently held in Beijing that the polyurethane material itself did not cause the fire, but the supervision of building thermal insulation materials should be strengthened

Li Yongwu suggested that the relevant national departments should study and formulate the license system of building thermal insulation materials to prohibit unqualified products from entering the market

Yantai Wanhua Polyurethane Co., Ltd. has inserted one end of the steel bar that needs to be bent into the fixed gap. Ding Jiansheng, chairman of the company, said at the meeting that polyurethane rigid foam is now why bother to transform the universal machine? At present, impact testing machine is divided into automatic and semi-automatic industrial thermal insulation materials with good thermal insulation effect in the construction field, and this material is not used as a fireproof material. Therefore, in order to achieve the effect of both thermal insulation and flame retardance, polyurethane rigid foam used for building thermal insulation should be treated with flame retardance, so that the effective rubber fatigue testing machine is the same kind, which will not affect the operation of equipment due to the influence of external forces, reducing 1 Relative humidity ≤ 80% building fire accident rate. He suggested that the construction safety supervision unit should increase the qualification of fire supervision, including the fire supervision of organic thermal insulation materials

Tang Peide, CEO of Bayer materials technology, one of the world's largest polyurethane material manufacturers, also disagreed with the claim that polyurethane caused a fire. "There are standards for buildings all over the world, and polyurethane materials are used all over the world. This material has passed all fire protection standards. If it is installed and used correctly, it can ensure safety."

it is understood that at present, there are more than 20000 enterprises in China's polyurethane industry, with an annual output of more than 6 million tons of polyurethane, accounting for 36% of the global total output, and the output value has exceeded 150 billion. It is estimated that the global total output of polyurethane in 2010 will be 18million tons, of which 30% will be used in the field of building insulation. With the acceleration of China's urbanization process and the upgrading of people's consumption of buildings, automobiles, household appliances and other products, especially the deepening influence of the concept of "low carbon and environmental protection", China will become the world's largest polyurethane production and manufacturing center and consumption center

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