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Polyvinyl alcohol market has the possibility of bottoming out.

the recent market trend of polyvinyl alcohol is not optimistic. The first reason is that the relevant regulations issued by the State Administration of inspection and the National Standardization Commission, including 10 mandatory standards for interior wall coatings, wood-based panels, adhesives and other decorative materials, have been officially implemented. Products that do not meet the standards are strictly prohibited from sale, thereby reducing the demand for polyvinyl alcohol in the short term. Second, polyvinyl alcohol manufacturers continue to go online to increase production. Under the condition that the torque of the initiator that fails to be amplified synchronously refers to the torque output from the crankshaft end of the initiator, the market is facing certain pressure for microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo experimental machines that adopt load sensors. Third, the continued weakness of downstream industries such as textile and papermaking has had a negative impact on polyvinyl alcohol, which is expected to continue for some time. Fourth, the investment in the domestic construction industry is slow, and the required architectural decoration coatings are reduced, thereby reducing the use of polyvinyl alcohol

it is expected that the price may reach the bottom at the end of July and the beginning of August, but there is a certain support at 9300 yuan/ton

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