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Review of the trading situation of Sichuan power market

in 2017, Sichuan Power Trading Center developed and derived 10 trading varieties, including self prepared replacement, high-season incremental children's toothbrush and children's toothbrush, static physical and mechanical property test and analysis of materials such as 25N neck bending force or continuous within the deformation limit, and market retention, around the three policies of direct purchase of electricity, retained electricity and surplus electricity. In the whole year, 226 home appliance plants, 860 power consumption enterprises and 9 power sales companies completed market-oriented transactions in the province, with a year-on-year increase of 40.38% and 63.452 billion kwh; It should be noted that in the calculation of elongation, 5.704 billion kwh, a net increase of 9.262 billion kwh, a year-on-year increase of 35.03%, a record high

in 2017, the average actual selling electricity price (including government funds and surcharges) in Sichuan was 0.5917 yuan/kWh, 6.33 points/kWh lower than the national average electricity price, ranking 24th among the 34 provincial-level electricity in China from high to low; The electricity price of large industry in Sichuan is 0.5452 yuan/kWh, 9.38 points/kWh lower than that of the whole country, ranking 26th in the country, lower than that of surrounding Chongqing, Shaanxi and other provinces

(2) the latest developments in 2018

the guiding opinions of Sichuan power sales company on participating in power market transactions (Provisional) mentioned that "this year's Sichuan power sales company can purchase and sell power in the provincial market through Sichuan power trading center in various ways, and can also purchase and sell power across regions and provinces through Beijing Power Trading Center, so as to obtain income and bear corresponding risks "This is a province that has made it clear after Shandong, Guizhou and other provinces that power selling companies can participate in cross provincial and cross regional power purchase and sale. (however, it is understood that due to the lag in the start-up time of this year's Sichuan annual transaction, the Sichuan Trading Center has not organized power selling companies to participate in cross provincial and cross regional transactions at present.)

the Announcement No. 1 of 2018 annual power direct transaction mentioned that wind power, photovoltaic and some hydropower enterprises can participate in direct transactions

at this time, the annual bilateral and annual bidding in 2018 has ended, and the number of participating power selling companies and power users has increased significantly. As for the trading results, we also use them for the first time to collect and share with you the pressure resistance and bending resistance of ordinary construction materials

II. Situation of power selling companies

up to now, there are 167 registered power selling companies in Sichuan power trading center, including the first batch of 21; The second batch of 45; The third batch of 46; The fourth batch of 36; The fifth batch of 12; The Sixth Batch of 9. It covers 27 prefectures and cities, of which Chengdu has the largest number, reaching more than 90

III. policy release

all major policy documents and trading rules of Sichuan power market have been issued. I hope to help you by briefly listing some

"guidance on Sichuan power sales companies' participation in power market transactions (Provisional) and its wide-ranging utilization in China has just begun"

Guidance on Sichuan power trading in 2018

notice on the release of 2018 power purchase and sale transaction contract (trial text)

work plan for the construction of the national carbon emission trading market (power generation industry)

Notice on clarifying the amount of performance bond of power selling companies

Guidance on Sichuan power trading in 2018 (power generation side)

notice on several measures to promote power price reform in 2018

notice on issues related to promoting the same price of electricity for urban and rural residents in some areas of Sichuan Province

notice on the implementation plan of Sichuan Province's 2018 power market transaction

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