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Kangde environmental protection: review 06 outlook 07

time urges us to bid farewell to 2006 and usher in a new 2007. Summing up yesterday is to look further into tomorrow; Only by developing strengths and avoiding weaknesses can we do our work better

2006 was an extraordinary year for Kangde environmental protection. With the booming business of high-voltage frequency conversion and scaffolding, we got not only the joy of harvest, but also experienced the hardships of harvest. Behind countless times of signing, we had to go through a road full of thorns; Every time I win the bid, my colleagues work hard day and night. We know that in exchange for fruitful results, is it overnight

in 2006, Kangde environmental protection was active: in the second half of the year, Kangde environmental protection cooperated with Jiangsu energy conservation monitoring center to jointly plan and hold the "Jiangsu high voltage variable frequency energy conservation technology exchange meeting - tiandian on-site meeting". Experts from local provincial and municipal governments, industry users, scientific research institutes and other fields attended the meeting. During the meeting, Kangde high-voltage inverter was fully displayed and widely praised by all participants, which laid the brand position of Kangde high-voltage inverter in Jiangsu at one fell swoop

In November, Kangde environmental protection, as the only high-voltage frequency conversion manufacturer representative, was invited to participate in the "Shanghai high-voltage frequency conversion energy saving technology summit". The special report entitled "application practice and energy saving analysis of high-voltage frequency conversion speed regulation technology" by Dr. he Hong, the general manager of the company, was even more impressed by the other guests present and advocated the "new idea of energy saving" of the enterprise, which was highly praised and fully affirmed by all sectors of society. Shortly after the meeting, president he's speech and video materials were reprinted by magazines and industry portals such as automation, China power plant equipment, power equipment, China transmission, China industrial control, made in China, and China industrial equipment, which caused widespread concern in the industry. In the face of picky Shanghainese, Kangde high-voltage inverter, with its good performance and excellent technical indicators, gave a boost to domestic high-voltage inverter brands at the summit

afterwards, Kangde environmental protection made a figure in Shaanxi Energy Conservation Conference and Yantai energy conservation training conference, and showed the excellent performance of Kangde high-voltage inverter in front of more than 600 leaders in charge of high energy consuming enterprises. With excellent product quality and excellent solutions, the promotion activities of Kangde environmental protection in Shaanxi and Shandong have been successful, and the products have not only been recognized among local key energy consuming enterprises, And has established a good corporate image and reputation. "Seize the market with advantages and win the hearts of the people with reputation". We have reason to believe that Kangde's local performance will be more outstanding next year

2006 was also a harvest year for Kangde environmental protection: in terms of high-voltage frequency conversion, Kangde environmental protection made a breakthrough in 2006. Its products have made typical achievements and cases in Jiangsu, northeast, Henan, Shandong and other areas where high energy consuming enterprises are concentrated. Especially in the bidding project of Huaneng Group, our sales performance has exceeded the expected indicators. The signing amount of "Xindian" alone has set a new high in the history of Kangde environmental protection. In the operation process of many projects, Kangde environmental protection can stand out in the fierce competition, which fully reflects the company's comprehensive strength in technology, business and other aspects, marking that Kangde environmental protection has gradually entered the mainstream enterprises in the high-voltage frequency conversion industry and has been recognized by the market

in terms of scaffolding, the "Southwest Airlines A340 aircraft maintenance platform project" was finally successfully signed in November. It is the largest single amount in the history of Kangde scaffolding business, and the experimental data is more accurate. Although the signing process is bumpy, the result is wonderful. Subsequently, the two scaffold projects of "Shanxi Datang International Shentou Power Generation Co., Ltd." and "Tianjin Huaneng Yangliuqing Thermal Power Co., Ltd." won the bid one after another. The success of these projects marks the great success of Kangde scaffold products in the field of civil aviation and power, and shows the overall improvement of the company's products in quality, technical strength and market operation ability

looking back at the past year, we have made some achievements, which is undoubtedly the result of the joint efforts of all leaders and employees. "If you want to do something, you must first practice your internal skills". With their passion and brave work style, the colleagues of Kangde environmental protection are writing the chapter of ideal happiness in the United States in their hearts. In 2007, Kangde environmental protection will invest more wholeheartedly, strengthen market promotion, and focus on our existing business. We recommend this cold and hot shock experimental machine to continue to expand and develop, give full play to its own advantages, and become bigger and stronger. Especially in the field of high-voltage frequency conversion, we will strive to build a leading enterprise in this industry in China, establish the brand of Kangde and achieve rapid development

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